Friday, September 28, 2012

Bach and Telemann concertos for viola and bassoon


Martin Kuuskmann, bassoon

Lars Anders Tomter, viola

1B1 Chamber Orchestra • Jan Bjøranger, leader


Kuuskmann, Tomter and 1B1 bring you Bach you've never heard before! Purists within the early music community; prepare to frown! We claim that this is a natural continuance of the practice from Bach's own time.


Bach wrote 14 concertos for harpsichord around 1740 in Leipzig. That is; they are most known as harpsichord concertos - in reality they are arrangements of concertos for other instruments written as early as 1708. When working with the outstanding musicians of Collegium Musicum Bach re-worked his old concertos into new works, of course a completely standard procedure in those days.


Tomter and Kuuskmann continues a practice that challenges the notion of authenticity.


Professor Lars Anders Tomter is joined by the outstanding bassoonist Martin Kuuskmann. Not only do they transcribe the solo concertos to fit their own instruments, they also construct a whole new concerto based on fragments and parts from other works! All in all much along the same lines which Bach and his colleagues did.


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